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Kurs 3072

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Administration

Key Objectives

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, you will gain familiarity with the core elements of Linux system administration, including how to install and configure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, as well as how to configure networking, backup, printing, remote access, and how to perform various other common tasks that are part of day-to-day Linux administration.

Audience Summary

This course is ideal for those who have gained basic skills with Linux as taught in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Fundamentals (Course 3071) and now want to gain in depth knowledge on tasks a Linux system administrator has to perform routinely on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees of this course need the skills taught in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Fundamentals (Course 3071). They

need to be familiar with files and file system layout, user management, how to use a shell and basic functionalities of


Course Outline

This course covers the following topics:

Section 1: Install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Perform a SLES 10 Installation

Configure the SLES 10 Installation

Troubleshoot the Installation Process

Section 2: Administer the Linux File System

Select a Linux File System

Configure Linux File System Partitions

Manage Linux File Systems

Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and Software RAID

Set Up and Configure Disk Quotas

Section 3: Administer User Access and Security

Configure User Authentication with PAM

Manage and Secure the Linux User Environment

Use Access Control Lists (ACLs) for Advanced Access Control

Section 4: Configure the Network Manually

Understand Linux Network Terms

Set Up Network Interfaces With the ip Tool

Set Up Routing With the ip Tool

Test the Network Connection With Command Line Tools

Configure Host Name and Name Resolution

Use the NetworkManager to Configure the Network

Section 5: Administer Linux Processes and Services

View and Manage Processes

Schedule Jobs

Section 6: Monitor SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Monitor a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 System

Use System Logging Services

Monitor Login Activity

Section 7: Configure System Initialization

Describe the Linux Load Procedure

GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader)

Manage Runlevels

Section 8: Manage Software for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Manage RPM Software Packages

Verify and Update Software Library Access

Section 9: Manage Backup and Recovery

Develop a Backup Strategy

Backup Files with YaST

Create Backups with tar

Work with Magnetic Tapes

Copy Data with dd

Mirror Directories with rsync

Automate Data Backups with cron

Section 10: Manage Printing

Configure Local Printing

Manage Print Jobs and Queues

Understand how CUPS Works

Configure and Manage a Print Server

Use the Web Interface to Manage a CUPS Server

Section 11: Configure Remote Access

Provide Secure Remote Access With OpenSSH

Enable Remote Administration With YaST

Course Testing Information

This course along with the skills taught in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Fundamentals (Course 3071) and SUSE

Linux Enterprise Server 10 Advanced Administration (Course 3073), prepare you to take the Novell Certified Linux

Professional ( Novell CLP 10) certification Practicum (050-697).