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Kurs 3074

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Networking Services

Key Objectives

Skills taughs in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Networking Services (Course 3074) enable you to:

Enrich and simplify your network by setting up elementary network services, like DNS, DHCP and Mail.

Monitor your network so that everything runs smoothly

Audience Summary

This course is designed for students who want to learn to configure advanced network services on SUSE Linux

Enterprise Server 10. It is also ideal for those seeking the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10 certification. If you are

seeking the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10 certification, please note that you are required to complete the Novell

Certified Linux Professional 10 certification first.

Course Prerequisites

Students following this course must be a Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 if seeking to become a Certified Linux

Engineer 10.

Course Outline

Section 1 - Manage DNS

Understand the Domain Name System

Install and Configure the BIND Server Software

Configure a DNS Server

Configure the DNS Clients

Forward DNS Requests

Configure Access, Logging, and Security

Configure Dynamic DNS

Understand Special Aspects of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Monitor the DNS Server


Section 2 - Manage DHCP

Understand How DHCP Works

Configure the DHCP Server

Configure DHCP Clients

Configure a DHCP Relay Server

Use DHCP and Dynamic DNS

Configure DHCP Pools

Configure DHCP Failover

Troubleshoot DHCP

Section 3 - Manage OpenLDAP

Understand the Basics of LDAP

Install and Set Up an OpenLDAP Server

Add Entries to the LDAP Server

Query Information from the LDAP Server

Delete and Modify Entries of the LDAP Server

Activate LDAP Authentication

Replicate OpenLDAP Servers

Section 4 - Manage a Mail Server

Understand the Function of Mail Agents

Use the Basic Linux mail Command

Understand the Architecture and Components of Postfix

Start, Stop, and Reinitialize Postfix

Configure Postfix

Use Postfix Tools

Receive Email over IMAP and POP3

Manage Spam

Use Virus Scanner for Email

Section 5 - Use OpenSLP

Understand What OpenSLP Is

Understand the SLP Agents

Configure OpenSLP

Use SLP Frontends

Section 6 - Monitor Network Traffic

Use ntop to Monitor Network Traffic

Use Nagios to Monitor Hosts, Services, and Networks

Troubleshoot the Network with Ethereal and tcpdump

Manage Network Devices with SNMP

Appendix: Live Fire Exercise

Combine Samba and OpenLDAP

Prepare the OpenLDAP Directory

LDAP Options of Samba