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Kurs 8004

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Advanced Administration


Student Kit Deliverables

Course Design

Course Objectives

Course Audience

Prerequisite Knowledge

Classroom Agenda


Course Feedback

SECTION 1: Describe the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Services Oriented


Objective 1: Describe ZCM 10 Terms and Components

Objective 2: Describe the Purpose and Function of the Services Oriented


Exercise 1-1: Use zman to Configure a LDAP User Source

SECTION 2: Migrate a Traditional ZENworks Environment to ZENworks 10

Configuration Management

Objective 1: Perform Pre-Migration Tasks

Objective 2: Migrate Data from ZENworks Desktop Management to ZENworks 10

Configuration Management

Objective 3: Perform Post-Migration Tasks

Exercise 2-1: Perform Pre-Migration Tasks

Exercise 2-2: Migrate Data from the DA-ZDM Server to the DA-ZCM Server

SECTION 3: Implement and Manage Device Registration

Objective 1: Describe the Registration Process

Objective 2: Describe ZCM Registration Methods

Objective 3: Configure Zone Registration Settings

Objective 4: Manage Registration from the Command Line

Objective 5: Describe Registration Best Practices

Exercise 3-1: Implement and Manage Device Registration

SECTION 4: Perform Advanced Discovery and Deployment Tasks

Objective 1: Describe the Platform Requirements for Installing the ZENworks

Adaptive Agent

Objective 2: Deploy a Customized Adaptive Agent

Objective 3: Implement Device Discovery Using CSV files

Exercise 4-1: Implement Device Discovery Using a CSV File

SECTION 5: Manage Software Packages and Bundles

Objective 1: Describe How Bundles Work

Objective 2: Describe How an MSI Installer Works

Objective 3: Implement ZENworks Software Packaging

Objective 4: Use the zman and zac Commands to Implement Bundles

Objective 5: Describe Bundle Implementation Best Practices

Exercise 5-1: Repackage and Bundle Pidgin

SECTION 6: Implement Policies

Objective 1: Describe How Policies Work

Objective 2: Use ADM Files to Lock Down a Browser

Objective 3: Use Windows Group Policies to Secure a Workstation

Objective 4: Use the zman and zac Commands to Implement Policies

Objective 5: Describe Policy Implementation Best Practices

Exercise 6-1: Implement Policies for Digital Airlines

SECTION 7: Implement Custom Inventory and Reporting

Objective 1: Customize Inventory Reporting

Objective 2: Describe and Configure Local Products

Objective 3: Create Custom Reports

Exercise 7-1: Customize Inventory Reporting for Digital Airlines

Exercise 7-2: Customize Predefined Custom Inventory Reports

Exercise 7-3: Create Custom Reports

SECTION 8: Implement ZENworks Imaging for Windows Vista

Objective 1: Create a Vista Base Image

Objective 2: Create Add-On File Images

Objective 3: Deploy the Standard Operating Environment

Exercise 8-1: Create a Windows Vista Base Image

Exercise 8-2: Deploy the New Standard Operating Environment

SECTION 9: Configure and Deploy Patch Management

Objective 1: Describe the Patch Management Components and Process

Objective 2: Configure and Deploy Patch Management

Exercise 9-1: Configure Patch Management and Remediate Vulnerabilities

SECTION 10: Implement ZENworks Asset Management 10

Objective 1: Describe ZENworks Asset Management 10

Objective 2: Run Software Management Reports

Objective 3: Implement License Management

Objective 4: Configure Contract Management

Exercise 10-1: Run a Web Application Report

Exercise 10-2: Modify and Create Custom Reports

Exercise 10-3: Implement License Management

Appendix A: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Log Files and Ports

Where Log Files are Located